1. Jesus Testimony

“I wasn’t brought up in church, I had no religion to speak of. Although I always believed in God from the age of 9 (A near death experience) I never really gave Jesus a second thought when I was growing up. But when I turned 36, that all changed. I was walking in the ‘darkest valley’ I have ever had the displeasure of walking through. 3 days before that happened, Jesus came to me, in the most vivid dream I have ever witnessed. This is what happened.

I found myself walking in a dusty marketplace. This seemed to be Jerusalem, or somewhere similar. The market was busy with people buying and selling things. I don’t stop to buy, or look, I just continue walking through. When, I suddenly see Jesus sitting down on a wooden chair. I look around me, but no one else sees Jesus…or even notices that He is sitting there! I look around once more. And look at Jesus again. He smiles, such a warm, lovely smile. He beckons me towards Him. I walk over and stand before Him. The whole time, words are exchanged, yet no words are spoken, and yet I understand every single thing. Jesus has some material folded on His lap. He gives it to me. I smile and take it from Him. I unfold it…it’s a robe.

I know many may say ‘It was just a dream’ But it was so real, it was as if I really was there with Jesus. The significance and timing of this dream visitation from Jesus, couldn’t have come at a better time. When most of my family and friends had deserted me, there was Jesus, showing me that He would be there for me. My light, my hope, my strength in the darkness. Two vicars would not help me with the meaning of that dream, but in my heart I know Jesus was there to support me.

I am very inspired by Jesus, and now study The Bible, write poetry, and songwrite about Him, such was His presence in the impact of that dream.”

Stella Fullard


2 thoughts on “1. Jesus Testimony

  1. Amen, such a beautiful lover He is. May He continue to comfort and strengthen you. Better days are ahead! I pray for adventure with Him, may your best years be ahead of you xx


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