This website I’ve entitled – Testimonies – Christ Inspired is my way of being active in the faith.

You see, I am just recently a renewed Christian, having been a non-practicing baptized Catholic for all of my life.

I think I may have gone to catechism a few times, confessed once or twice, and had a communion or two at some point.

But as an adult, I have always considered myself a Christian,  even though of heretical flavors:

 agnostic Christian,  idolatry Christian,  new-age Christian,  quantum mechanics Christian,  heaven-but-no-hell Christian, no-demons-or-evil-spirits-exist Christian,  zen Christian, shamanistic Christian, science rules Christian, there-is-nothing-after-this Christian, we-are-all-one Christian, all-religions-are-the-same Christian, all-holy -books-say-the-same-general-thing Christian…I think you probably get the point.

But what I was NOT, was a bible reading and scripture understanding Christian. Until recently.

So like many people, I’ve come full circle.

To the Way. The Truth. The Life.

Jesus said: “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give” ~ Matthew 10:8

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